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PUCP opens lab to cure complicated diseases
PUCP opens lab to cure complicated diseases

LAHORE: (Thursday, May 23, 2024): Punjab University has inaugurated Nanotechnology, Biopharmaceutical and Tissue Engineering Center equipped with modern facilities for treatment of complicated diseases was inaugurated in Punjab University College of Pharmacy. On this occasion, Senator Khalid Shaheen Butt, PU VC Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood, senior journalist Mujibur Rehman Shami, Chairman PHEC Prof Dr Shahid Munir, Principal PUCP Prof Dr Syed Atif Raza, Center’s Director Dr Zeeshan Danish, industrialists, faculty members and students were present. In his address, Senator Khalid Shaheen Butt said that at one time there was a great demand for Pakistani pharmacists in foreign countries. He said that the center established in the PUCP will play an important role in the development of Pakistan’s pharmaceutical industry. He said that he is a big beneficiary of the invention of medicines. He assured support at the government level for the development of the centre. PU VC Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood said that it was decided to establish the center in view of the modern needs in the field of medicine. He said that in pharmacy and pharmacology, PU is included in the international QS ranking. He said that students from foreign countries come to study in the college. He said that pharmacy students will play their role in the development of the country.

Mujibur Rehman Shami said that PU is not less than any international university. He said that no other institution is providing such quality education with such limited resources in Pakistan. He said that our engineers and doctors are respected all over the world. He said that Pakistani universities were centers of excellence and students from the Islamic world came to study here, but politics and change of priorities now have destroyed our institutions. He said that why did our children need to go to Bishkek? He said that the government should cut its expenses and invest in the universities. Prof Dr Shahid Munir said that the teachers do research mainly to get it published in good journals. However, he said, the teachers should focus on the research that has an impact on society and industry. He said that it is important to promote interdisciplinary research for local production of medicines. He emphasized the need to implement the research commercialization policy. He said that the market of biopharmaceuticals will exceed 900 billion dollars in 2032. He said that investment in research and development is the need of the hour.
Dr Zeeshan Danish said that the center will conduct research in the field of drug delivery system, biomaterials and regenerative medicine. He said that the main objective of establishing the laboratory is to meet the requirements of the modern world with specific education and skills and to provide students with international opportunities. The standard is to align professionally so that they are able to develop excellent research skills, achieve their goals and excel in their professional lives, he added. Dr Syed Atif Raza said that they will work beyond the traditional preparation of medicines. He said that the establishment of the center will give students an opportunity to learn new trends in the field of medicine. Later, the distinguished guests visited the center and examined modern laboratories and equipment available for researchers and students.